Mountain Hill is in the Cliffs at Glassy community.  Even if you are not a member of the Cliffs at Glassy, you are welcome to attend our services and events.  Just follow this procedure:  Upon arriving at the front gate, tell the security personnel that you will be attending worship at Mountain Hill Community Church. Pertinent information will be requested and a pass will be issued, which will allow you to attend our services and events for the day.  You can get a permanent pass if you want to regularly attend.   Once you have the pass, use your smartphone to navigate to the top OR: using the rule to always follow a road with a yellow line, go straight from the gate until you come to an obvious intersection with an island where you can go right or left.  Either way will bring you to the church, but the shortest way is to go to the right and follow that road up to the golf course.  Then turn left onto The Cliffs Parkway.  The church will be on the right a few hundred yards down the road. 

Mountain Hill Community Church

34 The Cliffs Parkway
Landrum, SC 29356


Office: (864) 977-8006
Pastor: (864) 238-4367